This was a project for my Design Foundations class. I had to design a package that could hold up to three pairs of socks, be made using a single sheet of cardboard, and require no adhesive or fasteners to build.
I started by outlining a couple types of users and the features they might need in a package.
Then I did a quick sketch of each package concept and how they would function.
I then laser cut and assembled some early functional prototypes.
I started to get a better sense of how to cut and shape the cardboard, allowing me to eliminate some of the uglier folds. I also improved the tolerances of both closures making the boxes easier to use.
I ended up choosing to pursue the second concept as my final design as it was much sturdier and easier to manufacture.
I've posted cut files for anyone who wants to make one. It uses a standard 16x32" sheet of E-flute cardboard.
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